Find An Attorney

Hiring an attorney is not something most people look forward to, but it’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll need an attorney and it’s important to pick the right one. In some cases – like buying a home or refinancing a mortgage – you can hire an attorney at a flat rate and you don’t need a Harvard Law School graduate to represent you.

In other cases, picking the right attorney can have a tremendous impact on your life:

  • If you’re charged with a DUI or other moving violation
  • If you’re a defendant charged with a crime
  • Getting divorced
  • Being the defendant in a lawsuit
  • Being the plaintiff in a lawsuit
  • If you’re buying or selling a business or entering into a business contract

Before selecting an attorney, do your research. Search online and make sure any candidate you’re considering specializes in the type of law required by the circumstances (you wouldn’t want a lawyer who specializes in business contracts handling your divorce); find out what their rates and payment arrangements are (many require a retainer up front) and find out if there’s anything negative about them online, like disciplinary action.