Credit Report

Do you know your credit score? That three digit number can determine the rate you get on a mortgage, car loan, credit card and even whether you get hired for a job.

It’s critical to know your credit score and to make sure your credit report from the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union – are accurate and up to date. You’re entitled to a free credit report once a year and we strongly recommend you get that. For many people though, one report a year isn’t enough, and they want to make sure nothing unexpected happens to their credit score without them knowing.

There are a number of companies that, for a reasonable monthly or annual fee, will:

  • Inform you any time a new entry is made to your credit report
  • Inform you any time an inquiry is made on your credit report
  • Provide you multiple credit reports throughout the year
  • Offer advice on how to improve your credit score
  • Offer protection against unauthorized use of your credit report

Start with an online search for “Credit Report” and you’ll likely find a number of solid choices to inform you of your credit score and help you protect it.