Diabetes, the inability of the body to properly metabolize glucose, is a disease that affects millions of Americans. Type II, or Adult Onset Diabetes, is the more common form and management of the disease can vary greatly from patient to patient. Some can manage by simply modifying their diet (eliminating sugary foods, for example) and losing weight. Others may require medications that help the body metabolize glucose and lower blood sugar levels. And in more extreme cases, regular injections of insulin are required to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Regardless of the severity, all diabetics must be very vigilant in sticking to the maintenance program prescribed by their doctors. The supplies required for diabetic maintenance can often get quite costly, and some aren’t fully covered by health insurance. These include medications like Metformin, Glucotrol and Invokana; disposable products like lancets, syringes and testing strips; and hardware like blood glucose monitors.

There are many companies that sell these products, some more reputable than others. It’s important when looking for a diabetes supply company, that you not only compare prices, but find out which insurance providers they work with, whether they bill the insurance companies directly or require you to pay out of pocket and then seek reimbursement, and check with the Better Business ┬áBureau to see if they have a lot of complaints against them.